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      Missouri Magazine

      as we celebrate life, love, and the Lord to embrace this awesome fundraising campaign. 20% of all proceeds from the Stover's Magic Tree Foundation collection plus ALL ITEMS on the LOVEHAPPENS.CO website will be going to the 
      Stover's Magic Tree Foundation 501(c)(3).

      Co-Founders of the Stover’s Magic Tree Foundation, Lynette Black with Changes N Time and Cheri Cranford with Missouri Magazine said its goal is for the tree to be a place for the whole community to come together during the holiday season. To find peace, hope and love.  It's a beautiful photography setting to capture pictures and make memories with your family and friends. 

      The Stover Magic Tree is working with Morgan County Caring for Kids Coalition to provide toys to the children in the community. Along with providing food to the Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry and Feeding Lake of the Ozarks. 20% of all proceeds from our collection will be donated to these organizations.