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      Rooted Sisters

      as we celebrate life, love, and the Lord to embrace this awesome fundraising campaign. 20% of all proceeds from the Rooted Sisters collection plus ALL ITEMS on the LOVEHAPPENS.CO website will be going to the The Rooted Sister organization 501(c)(3).

      Visit the Rooted Sisters Website

      About Rooted Sisters: Women across the country yearn for connection with other like-minded Christian women in business. In 2015, Lisa Nichols and Cindy Owens cofounded The Rooted Sisters. Today, our goal as a 501c3 organization is to Glorify God as women leaders and to create a movement across the country where we can STUDY God’s word together, GROW and become more rooted in our walk with Jesus Christ and LEAD as God has called us to lead in the marketplace, our homes and in our communities.