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      Best friends for almost 40 years, Co-founders Scott and Tom visualized a mission and message within a brand of apparel and gear that could enlighten and encourage peace, love, and understanding, through a relationship with Jesus.

      Scott and Tom realized their vision would have challenges, but also believed this type of thinking could help glorify the Kingdom and allow us to share to the world a positive message of faith and love.

      Scott had seen and experienced remarkable changes in his life since feeling the power of the Lord, within the miracle of faith and healing, that would forever change his life.

      The name “Love Happens” as a brand name seemed to Scott and Tom an inspiration, and a great alternative to the jaded way of thinking they had seen in their many roads traveled.  Our slogan, “same love different day” would bring it home, as is seen in scriptures like Hebrews 13:8, and was a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s unconditional, unchanging love.

      We feel God’s presence and continue to be amazed by the hope and joy His love can bring to our lives when we truly believe in Him.

      Our brand is meant to be worn and used in your daily walk, and we look forward to hearing about your personal journey and experience with Love Happens-same love different day.


      Campaign Partnerships

      Love Happens, Same Love Different Day, is interested in raising awareness and resources for 501c3 organizations that can benefit from a percentage of sales within our 30-60 online sales campaigns for non profits and through our philanthropic gifting programs of apparel and gear.

      SAME LOVE represents the unconditional love GOD gives us on each and every DIFFERENT DAY. We offer spiritual awareness through our message on apparel.